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Hospital & Nursing Home Air Duct Cleaning in MA

Proudly servicing Massachusetts, including Boston and Springfield!

Massachusetts has a vast amount of nursing homes and hospitals, with many of them being in or around Boston. One of the things that should always be on the mind of healthcare practitioners is the air quality of their clinic, office, or care facility. After all, you work hard to keep your patients healthy!

But if it’s been ages since the HVAC air ducts have been cleaned, the grime and dust trapped inside could be hampering your efforts. Hospitals and nursing homes have bedding, service animals, and other ways of producing a huge number of contaminants that will clog air ducts. When the air filters aren’t working properly, patients then become susceptible to them.

Maintaining high quality indoor air is essential! At Better Air, we proudly specialize in professional-grade services that thoroughly clean every part of residential and commercial HVAC systems. Our team of certified and experienced professionals are always working with healthcare services in Massachusetts (as well as other locations in Connecticut and Rhode Island). We promise to deliver the highest level of cleaning for your duct systems so you can worry less about air quality and more about getting your patients feeling well again.

How Hospital and Nursing Home Air Ducts Get Dirty

In any building, HVAC air ducts collect contaminants such as dirt, dust, pollen, hair, microscopic fibers, and chemicals. Most healthcare facilities continue to use linen sheets for patient bedding, for example. Linen fibers will quickly fill up a building’s ductwork. In addition to clogging the HVAC system’s filters, causing it to run less efficiently, the fibers also trap bacteria, pollen, and mold spores.

Why Air Duct Cleaning is Important for Medical Facilities

People come and go from hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities, bringing with them air pollutants from the outside. Wherever heat or air conditioning circulates throughout a building, the contaminants in the air also go there. Ductwork covers an entire building, so imagine how many germs, bacteria, dust, and dirt gets sucked into the HVAC system filter daily.

Germs and allergens present in this circulated air can aggravate a patient’s symptoms. When the HVAC system is clogged, there is an increased chance of sinus problems and respiratory infections. In a place where health is paramount, so too should be the quality of breathable air.

Professional Medical Facility Air Duct Cleaning by Better Air

We are a highly experience air duct cleaning service provider in Massachusetts that regularly cleans HVAC systems for hospitals and nursing homes throughout the state. Healthcare facilities always have complex HVAC systems and therefore need high-power tools. Better Air has the superior vacuums that remove the excessive contaminant build-up in every part of the HVAC system, including the branches, trunk lines, and filters.
At Better Air, we pride ourselves on meeting the highest possible expectations for cleaning ductwork. We even provide every customer with before and after pictures of their HVAC system so the results are measurable. We know that you care about keeping the healthcare facility clean and risk-free—and so do we. That’s why every Better Air employee works to ensure your hospital or nursing home has the best indoor air quality achievable, since it is integral in keeping your patients and staff happy and healthy.